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Living Through Poetry

I love you
And this
spell that
you've sprinkled
over me.

i hear an angel  singing

under the water 

on a cool summer evening

catching fireflies.


beyond the ether

my hands are freezing

while the rose petals are breathing


of sunshine.

the satyrs 

are naked

and arachane's web is beginning to unwind.


staring at the details,

iron shackles

and seashells


till i cant sleep well,

please hold me I’m cold

and my skins pale.

sleeping on the bottom

and praying that she's well.

Lying Beneath

lying beneath

these blood soaked sheets,

i’m so alone 

and i’m so weak.

can't see where this pain is leading,

lost and afraid while my veins are feeding,

somebody please pray for me.


i feel like a crazy patient,

mind vacant,

locked in a cold ass padded room 



i hate it, 

don’t know how much longer

i can take it,

ain't nothing sacred about it.


on the verge of madness

from all this insanity

that so ambiently

surrounds me....

A Beautiful Day

i have a vision

far away from this

filthy, stinking prison.

Beautiful blue skies

above me,

so sacred

and lovely....

soft spoken words

a vision that blurs, 

unkind tears 

and realistic fears, 

unknown foes

along with abundant woes,



nothing but lies. 

much love to the one who tries.


away in time

lost from truth,

unaware of the beauty in youth,

corrupted soul

takes its toll,

body aches as i grow cold.


summer air remains forever fair,

roses bloom without a care,

bunnies play

in their perfect way, 

the lilies of the field so beautifully displayed,

how i wonder why we've strayed.


prison bars

and youth begotten scars,

dirty cells 

and the pressure that swells

fading dreams

and distant screams,

but somehow i sense,

it isn’t as bad as it seems.

Away In Time
As The Day Fades

as the day fades

and the sunshine evanesces into a murky haze

drowning the sky

with thousands of lies,

evening in blue

and her treasures are stained,

a shadow embarks out of the foulest of domain's

drifting along

while singing a song

of autumn on mars

that falls from the stars

and alters her scars

while fostering a spark

in the darkness of her heart..

for You....

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