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Inspiring hope in the most hopeless circumstances.

History, despite it's wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but, if faced with courage, it need not be lived again. Maya Angelou

We want to thank you for your support in the early stages of this endeavor. It is my sincere hope that, through my art, and my own story of victory over the vicious forces that try to destroy us all, I will inspire some lost and hopelessly wandering person to find hope once again and realize that no matter how far we have fallen, with a little faith and a lot of work, we can overcome even the most difficult of circumstances

Soon, Poetic Impressions, will be starting a new page that will post weekly stories; some full of hope, and some full of heartache, for, as we well know, addiction doesn't always end in victory. Some of these stories will be my own, and others will be stories of people that have sent them to me to share with you. I believe in keeping our stories as real and raw as possible and this is what I wish to bring to the world; a genuine picture of the disease of addiction and all the pain and destruction that comes with it

I want people to know that I have been right where they are, deep in the pit of hell screaming, and wishing for death; alive, but very dead. I want them to know this because, if I can make it out, then I promise you, anyone can.

There is hope, even for the most hopeless! A better day does exist, and together, with a lot of love and support, we can get there and help others to do the same; not only addicts, but anyone in this world who is hurting and lost.

Again, thank you for your love and support. Please stay tuned for what's next, not only will we be bringing you stories, but also videos shot in the heart of this madness that will touch even the most hardened heart.

God bless you and yours, and every person out there who is hurting, and longing for someone who cares. My prayer is that your days be overflowing with,,,,,,POETIC IMPRESSIONS............


Nidhi Kaur

Michael Lamartina

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